How To Make A Rainbow Fudge The Right Way 


  • You need around TWO cans of milk, the needs to be condensed and sweetened what it needs not to be is evaporated 
  • You need Four to Five Boxes of white chopped chocolate ( squares) 
  • Vanilla 
  • Four Different food colors, preferably blue, red, yellow and green (why? as these colors are one of the brightest colors of the rainbow and when we eat something with our whole heart is because of the way the dish smells and looks, bright colors make the world look beautiful but using these colors is not mandatory you can use any of your favorite colors as well) 


  1. You are going to need a loaf pan and some foil for this step the pan needs to be of about Nine x Five inches 
  2. Turn the pan and then cover (outside of the pan) it’s three sides with a foil sheet after covering it remove the aluminum sheet and make sure that it has the imprints of the pan and then place it inside the pan 
  3. For this step, you need five small-sized bowls and the five bowls that you are going to use need to be safe for microwave use. 
  4. In each bowl, you need to add about half a cup of sweetened milk. 
  5. Time to make the layers of our Edible rainbow, take about six ounces of your chocolate and add them to one bowl and then place your bowl in your microwave for about sixty seconds after sixty seconds take it out and mix it now add some vanilla and as the first layer is going to be purple add nine red color’s drops and six of blue now it is time to mix all of these well after mixing transfer this thick mixture to the pan which you covered with foil in the very first step after transfering you can use a spoon to make this first layer look even and the last thing with this layer you need to do is to place is inside your freezer for about fifteen minutes. 
  6. Coming to the next layer, the next layer needs to be of the color blue and the process is the exact same that we used in making the purple layer but the difference is that you need to add about eighteen blue drops and just the way we kept the pan in the freezer for about 15 minutes for the layer exactly the same thing we need to do again 
  7. The same process goes for the third layer as well here in place of blue we are going to use eighteen drops of green color 
  8. There are going to be two more layers one is going to be of yellow color and one is going to be of red, for yellow we need twelve drops of yellow color and for red we are going to need eighteen drops of red color. 
  9. This time you do not need to freeze it for 15 minutes you now need to freeze it for twelve hours and after twelve hours you need to cut these into Four rows and after chopping your rainbow fudge would be ready to serve. 

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