Garlic Butter Pizza Taquitos 

If you are planning a party or a nice get together with your best friends then these  Garlic  taquitos are going to make it on your food list for sure, these are super duper easy to make they hardly take fifteen minutes, there is just a little bit of mixing and a lot of frying, getting the oil to the perfect temperature can take a little bit of time but rest I can assure you that would be super easy and even super fun, talking about the ingredients there is not much that you would need.


  • Olive oil
  • Butter
  • Powder of garlic
  • Parsley, dried
  • Tortillas (preferably thick ones and made up of flour)
  • Slices of pepperoni
  • Shredded cheese
  • Dipping


•    First step is going to be a note for you, you for this recipe require a pan which has very heavy and strong bottom those of who love deep fried food would already know the reason and those who do not know need not worry as when you continuously heat oil or any other thing for a very long period on a pan which does not have a heavy bottom tend to get spoiled I must use the word ruined here.

•    Fill your pan which has a heavy bottom with oil (one inch), you can use olive or vegetable oil any of these would do the thing, turn your stove on and keep the flames on medium level

•    Take a bowl and add butter on the top of it, add parsley and powder of garlic. take a spoon and mix all of these together, make sure that the butter melts properly.

•    Take a tortilla and a brush, use the brush to put butter on one side of the tortilla, repeat this same step for other tortillas.

•    It’s time you decide how many slices of pepperoni you want on your buttered tortilla, you can lay as many of the slices as you want, nobody is going to judge you or stop you.

•    Now shred some cheese and place it on the top of the tortillas and start rolling it while rolling it take some cheese and stuff it in the end of the roll.

•    It’s time to fry these beauties and for frying, we first need to divide these into batches, by batches I mean how many taquitos you can or how many taquitos you want to fry at once.

•    After dividing carefully start placing these in the oil and now it depends on you how much you wish to fry them I like my taquitos crispy but do not like them extra crispy and do not increase the level of heat while frying as slow frying gives any type of food a very nice texture and even ensures evenly cooking.

•    Spread some paper towel or paper napkins on a tray and place all the fried taquitos on it so that the paper napkins or towels can absorb all the extra oil out of them

•    Serve when hot with any of your favorite dips.

That’s all with the recipe I hope you love the taste just the way I do

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