Kitchen DIY Ideas You Are Missing On 

Every year people think about renovating but do not actually do it because number one they have no idea what to do and number two renovating can be expensive but do not worry now you have this article which is full of ideas and these ideas are even low on expense.


  • The magic of mixing

It is not always necessary to have exactly the same surfaces sometimes they can be different and still beautiful, you can have countertops of wood as countertops made up of wood are easily available in market, the price is always reasonable and other than that it actually gives a very nice character to the place, does not matter if you are replacing the things or just one small area. 

  • Tiles of tin

First of all these tiles can actually brighten the place as the properties these tiles have are reflective  other than this vast variety of these are available in the market, and the best thing about these tiles is that they match the hardware of kitchen and all this one can get in about 100 dollars 

  • Say a yes to the empty space on your walls. 

Just go to the market and buy some shelves some hooks, rails and some racks and in the end, if you can’t call some professional and fix them on your wall 

  • The faucet is the star here

For some super shine (extra too) faucet is the one, the only thing you need to take care about is the water tap and the directions and the best but it is not just aesthetic it is a lot more than that. 

  • Shelves – the beautiful open ones

why the open ones? because they add a lot more space visually as you see space of the kitchen’s walls, shelving requires a little bit of designing and designing requires creativity, so go creative  

  • High and classy

Your cabinet’s space is mostly used by your pans and your pots why not just hang them? you can set a rack on your ceilings a little bit suspended and then you can hang the cookware on it, 

  • Island of concrete 

Now if you are preferring this one then it simply means you are going to have a countertop made up of concrete do not worry it is not hard to make it but the drawback is that it is a little bit of time taking and the best part about concrete is its durability 

  • Time to change your hardware 

Replacing the hardware of the cabinet is not at all expensive and it is even easy to do all you need to do is find pulls and knobs of the same and right size, this actually makes sure that you do not have to drill the cabinets again 

  • New lights

Now that you are thinking to invest in repairing your cabinets, changing tiles why not change the lights, lights will simply help you in showing off your efforts, my advise is that go for the lights which are low on electronic work 

  • Why say no to seating?

You can actually have a mini table bar where you can do breakfast and if you go for the advanced one than you can fold the table’s top