Bedroom Hacks 

  • Let’s goal the hang up your lamp style 

Hanging lamps not only save space but also gives you an option between the questions do you want to have a mini bedside table or you just want to keep the space empty, totally your choice as both the options sound lovely to my ears. 

  • Magic Table

By magic table, I mean the ones which can easily double as your favorite shelves and as your desk, the benefit of getting such a table is that you can save some money and of course some space, and who in this universe does not like saving some money 

  • The Backside 

I’m talking about the back side of your room’s door, Always thought that it is useless, did not you? I don’t know about you but I did, then I heard about the PVC pipes, you can use PVC pipes to make a hanger at the backside of your door, just go to the market buy some and then fix them at the backside of your door and after it hang your clothes on your new hanger. 

  • Bedside table or a desk?

I would say both, no I’m not insane it is possible to have both in your cute little room, how? just a little disguise game is what you need to play, place your mini desk next to your bed and work on it. You can even buy a nice lamp for it, and you can keep your favorite framed photograph on it with a mini flower pot. 

  • More drawers or a double bed?

I again would say both and now again I would say m not insane as the market is full of beds with inbuilt drawers, there are a lot of options too you can even decide how many drawers you want, problem solved you are getting both the things in one and you are going to have some extra space left too in your room. 

  • Own mini library?

I love books and so I always wanted my own mini version of library but then my room was not that big so what I did was I built my own bed cm mini library, I went to market sold my bed and did some savings purchased a bed with some inbuilt shelves and then I basically did some tucking after tucking the bed sheet in I arranged all the books on those shelves. 

  • The floating dresser

No nope no magic here just some creativity in place of a nice expensive dresser what you can do is purchase some nice shelves and a mirror after the buying call a professional to get fixed on your wall, sounds interesting, does not it?  

  • Empty corners? say no more 

Some shelves and some hangers, have a nice prom dress? did not wear it ever again because you do not like repeating?  what you can do is hang it on your hanger and then hang your hand in your room’s corner and use your pretty dress as your room’s most valuable decoration, it not only would make a nice decoration but would also help you make more space in your closet