Caramel Frappuccio Recipe

There is a reason why people love the hot season- summer and that reason is caramel frappuccinos, all you need to do is have all the ingredients and then just blend.


  • Ice cubes ( size-large, why? because when one uses large-sized cubes the number of cubes used turns out to be even lower than ten) 
  • Cooled Espresso shots (Two, preferably strong ) 
  • Cold half cup milk 
  • One spoon of caramel sauce and three big spoons of its syrup 
  • Gum (xanthan, this ingredient like other ingredients is not mandatory, this gum is used to make the drink as thick as possible) 
  • Heavy whipped yummy cream 

Note- for this recipe you are going to need a blender without it you would not be able to make it. 


In this comparison of the best ninja blenders on SolidGoldEats add one cup full of large-sized cubes and espresso shots, the coffee that you are going to use must be strong and well brewed but if you are somebody like me and you use capsules then I must suggest you that for this recipe use those capsules which have a little mild nature ( the intensity) now pour half a cup of milk, make sure it is cold, after adding milk add the sauce, only one spoon after it add three spoons of syrup, now if you wish to use xanthan then you can, the fun fact about xanthan is that you can use it in any ice cream or even in any milkshake other than this it helps in cooking free of gluten.

Now pulse and after thirty seconds blend this entire process is going to take about thirty seconds for garnishing use some cream and sauce, do not just put it on the stop you need to drizzle it. 

Hot chocolate especially the Parisian one is considered to be bitter and thick, everyone loves hot chocolate but not everyone enjoys bitter drinks so to make Parisian chocolate drink enjoyable we are going to add some Nutella magic.


  1. Whole cream milk (one cup)
  2. Cream (about sixty ml)
  3. Dark chopped chocolate
  4. Three big spoons of Nutella
  5. Heavily whipped white cream


  1. You are going to need a bowl in which you are going to keep your delicious chopped chocolate.
  2. other than the bowl you used in the first step you are going to need a pan (saucepan) and the bottom of the pan you are using must be thick after you are done searching for the perfect pan with the perfect bottom take that pan place it on your stove, turn the flames on and then pour one cup of whole cream milk and cook it until it starts appearing thick.
  3. Once the milk has turned thick transfer you chopped dark chocolate from the bowl to the pan and after thirty seconds add three big spoons of Nutella.
  4. Lower down the level of heat from medium to low and with constant stirring melt the chocolate.
  5. Once you are done with melting the chocolate turn the flames off, remove your pan from the stove and then in a minute or two transfer the chocolate to a cup and top it with heavy whipped cream.

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