Kitchen DIY Ideas You Are Missing On 

Every year people think about renovating but do not actually do it because number one they have no idea what to do and number two renovating can be expensive but do not worry now you have this article which is full of ideas and these ideas are even low on expense.


  • The magic of mixing

It is not always necessary to have exactly the same surfaces sometimes they can be different and still beautiful, you can have countertops of wood as countertops made up of wood are easily available in market, the price is always reasonable and other than that it actually gives a very nice character to the place, does not matter if you are replacing the things or just one small area. 

  • Tiles of tin

First of all these tiles can actually brighten the place as the properties these tiles have are reflective  other than this vast variety of these are available in the market, and the best thing about these tiles is that they match the hardware of kitchen and all this one can get in about 100 dollars 

  • Say a yes to the empty space on your walls. 

Just go to the market and buy some shelves some hooks, rails and some racks and in the end, if you can’t call some professional and fix them on your wall 

  • The faucet is the star here

For some super shine (extra too) faucet is the one, the only thing you need to take care about is the water tap and the directions and the best but it is not just aesthetic it is a lot more than that. 

  • Shelves – the beautiful open ones

why the open ones? because they add a lot more space visually as you see space of the kitchen’s walls, shelving requires a little bit of designing and designing requires creativity, so go creative  

  • High and classy

Your cabinet’s space is mostly used by your pans and your pots why not just hang them? you can set a rack on your ceilings a little bit suspended and then you can hang the cookware on it, 

  • Island of concrete 

Now if you are preferring this one then it simply means you are going to have a countertop made up of concrete do not worry it is not hard to make it but the drawback is that it is a little bit of time taking and the best part about concrete is its durability 

  • Time to change your hardware 

Replacing the hardware of the cabinet is not at all expensive and it is even easy to do all you need to do is find pulls and knobs of the same and right size, this actually makes sure that you do not have to drill the cabinets again 

  • New lights

Now that you are thinking to invest in repairing your cabinets, changing tiles why not change the lights, lights will simply help you in showing off your efforts, my advise is that go for the lights which are low on electronic work 

  • Why say no to seating?

You can actually have a mini table bar where you can do breakfast and if you go for the advanced one than you can fold the table’s top 


Caramel Frappuccio Recipe

There is a reason why people love the hot season- summer and that reason is caramel frappuccinos, all you need to do is have all the ingredients and then just blend.


  • Ice cubes ( size-large, why? because when one uses large-sized cubes the number of cubes used turns out to be even lower than ten) 
  • Cooled Espresso shots (Two, preferably strong ) 
  • Cold half cup milk 
  • One spoon of caramel sauce and three big spoons of its syrup 
  • Gum (xanthan, this ingredient like other ingredients is not mandatory, this gum is used to make the drink as thick as possible) 
  • Heavy whipped yummy cream 

Note- for this recipe you are going to need a blender without it you would not be able to make it. 


In this comparison of the best ninja blenders on SolidGoldEats add one cup full of large-sized cubes and espresso shots, the coffee that you are going to use must be strong and well brewed but if you are somebody like me and you use capsules then I must suggest you that for this recipe use those capsules which have a little mild nature ( the intensity) now pour half a cup of milk, make sure it is cold, after adding milk add the sauce, only one spoon after it add three spoons of syrup, now if you wish to use xanthan then you can, the fun fact about xanthan is that you can use it in any ice cream or even in any milkshake other than this it helps in cooking free of gluten.

Now pulse and after thirty seconds blend this entire process is going to take about thirty seconds for garnishing use some cream and sauce, do not just put it on the stop you need to drizzle it. 

Hot chocolate especially the Parisian one is considered to be bitter and thick, everyone loves hot chocolate but not everyone enjoys bitter drinks so to make Parisian chocolate drink enjoyable we are going to add some Nutella magic.


  1. Whole cream milk (one cup)
  2. Cream (about sixty ml)
  3. Dark chopped chocolate
  4. Three big spoons of Nutella
  5. Heavily whipped white cream


  1. You are going to need a bowl in which you are going to keep your delicious chopped chocolate.
  2. other than the bowl you used in the first step you are going to need a pan (saucepan) and the bottom of the pan you are using must be thick after you are done searching for the perfect pan with the perfect bottom take that pan place it on your stove, turn the flames on and then pour one cup of whole cream milk and cook it until it starts appearing thick.
  3. Once the milk has turned thick transfer you chopped dark chocolate from the bowl to the pan and after thirty seconds add three big spoons of Nutella.
  4. Lower down the level of heat from medium to low and with constant stirring melt the chocolate.
  5. Once you are done with melting the chocolate turn the flames off, remove your pan from the stove and then in a minute or two transfer the chocolate to a cup and top it with heavy whipped cream.

How To Make A Rainbow Fudge The Right Way 


  • You need around TWO cans of milk, the needs to be condensed and sweetened what it needs not to be is evaporated 
  • You need Four to Five Boxes of white chopped chocolate ( squares) 
  • Vanilla 
  • Four Different food colors, preferably blue, red, yellow and green (why? as these colors are one of the brightest colors of the rainbow and when we eat something with our whole heart is because of the way the dish smells and looks, bright colors make the world look beautiful but using these colors is not mandatory you can use any of your favorite colors as well) 


  1. You are going to need a loaf pan and some foil for this step the pan needs to be of about Nine x Five inches 
  2. Turn the pan and then cover (outside of the pan) it’s three sides with a foil sheet after covering it remove the aluminum sheet and make sure that it has the imprints of the pan and then place it inside the pan 
  3. For this step, you need five small-sized bowls and the five bowls that you are going to use need to be safe for microwave use. 
  4. In each bowl, you need to add about half a cup of sweetened milk. 
  5. Time to make the layers of our Edible rainbow, take about six ounces of your chocolate and add them to one bowl and then place your bowl in your microwave for about sixty seconds after sixty seconds take it out and mix it now add some vanilla and as the first layer is going to be purple add nine red color’s drops and six of blue now it is time to mix all of these well after mixing transfer this thick mixture to the pan which you covered with foil in the very first step after transfering you can use a spoon to make this first layer look even and the last thing with this layer you need to do is to place is inside your freezer for about fifteen minutes. 
  6. Coming to the next layer, the next layer needs to be of the color blue and the process is the exact same that we used in making the purple layer but the difference is that you need to add about eighteen blue drops and just the way we kept the pan in the freezer for about 15 minutes for the layer exactly the same thing we need to do again 
  7. The same process goes for the third layer as well here in place of blue we are going to use eighteen drops of green color 
  8. There are going to be two more layers one is going to be of yellow color and one is going to be of red, for yellow we need twelve drops of yellow color and for red we are going to need eighteen drops of red color. 
  9. This time you do not need to freeze it for 15 minutes you now need to freeze it for twelve hours and after twelve hours you need to cut these into Four rows and after chopping your rainbow fudge would be ready to serve. 

Bedroom Hacks 

  • Let’s goal the hang up your lamp style 

Hanging lamps not only save space but also gives you an option between the questions do you want to have a mini bedside table or you just want to keep the space empty, totally your choice as both the options sound lovely to my ears. 

  • Magic Table

By magic table, I mean the ones which can easily double as your favorite shelves and as your desk, the benefit of getting such a table is that you can save some money and of course some space, and who in this universe does not like saving some money 

  • The Backside 

I’m talking about the back side of your room’s door, Always thought that it is useless, did not you? I don’t know about you but I did, then I heard about the PVC pipes, you can use PVC pipes to make a hanger at the backside of your door, just go to the market buy some and then fix them at the backside of your door and after it hang your clothes on your new hanger. 

  • Bedside table or a desk?

I would say both, no I’m not insane it is possible to have both in your cute little room, how? just a little disguise game is what you need to play, place your mini desk next to your bed and work on it. You can even buy a nice lamp for it, and you can keep your favorite framed photograph on it with a mini flower pot. 

  • More drawers or a double bed?

I again would say both and now again I would say m not insane as the market is full of beds with inbuilt drawers, there are a lot of options too you can even decide how many drawers you want, problem solved you are getting both the things in one and you are going to have some extra space left too in your room. 

  • Own mini library?

I love books and so I always wanted my own mini version of library but then my room was not that big so what I did was I built my own bed cm mini library, I went to market sold my bed and did some savings purchased a bed with some inbuilt shelves and then I basically did some tucking after tucking the bed sheet in I arranged all the books on those shelves. 

  • The floating dresser

No nope no magic here just some creativity in place of a nice expensive dresser what you can do is purchase some nice shelves and a mirror after the buying call a professional to get fixed on your wall, sounds interesting, does not it?  

  • Empty corners? say no more 

Some shelves and some hangers, have a nice prom dress? did not wear it ever again because you do not like repeating?  what you can do is hang it on your hanger and then hang your hand in your room’s corner and use your pretty dress as your room’s most valuable decoration, it not only would make a nice decoration but would also help you make more space in your closet  


Garlic Butter Pizza Taquitos 

If you are planning a party or a nice get together with your best friends then these  Garlic  taquitos are going to make it on your food list for sure, these are super duper easy to make they hardly take fifteen minutes, there is just a little bit of mixing and a lot of frying, getting the oil to the perfect temperature can take a little bit of time but rest I can assure you that would be super easy and even super fun, talking about the ingredients there is not much that you would need.


  • Olive oil
  • Butter
  • Powder of garlic
  • Parsley, dried
  • Tortillas (preferably thick ones and made up of flour)
  • Slices of pepperoni
  • Shredded cheese
  • Dipping


•    First step is going to be a note for you, you for this recipe require a pan which has very heavy and strong bottom those of who love deep fried food would already know the reason and those who do not know need not worry as when you continuously heat oil or any other thing for a very long period on a pan which does not have a heavy bottom tend to get spoiled I must use the word ruined here.

•    Fill your pan which has a heavy bottom with oil (one inch), you can use olive or vegetable oil any of these would do the thing, turn your stove on and keep the flames on medium level

•    Take a bowl and add butter on the top of it, add parsley and powder of garlic. take a spoon and mix all of these together, make sure that the butter melts properly.

•    Take a tortilla and a brush, use the brush to put butter on one side of the tortilla, repeat this same step for other tortillas.

•    It’s time you decide how many slices of pepperoni you want on your buttered tortilla, you can lay as many of the slices as you want, nobody is going to judge you or stop you.

•    Now shred some cheese and place it on the top of the tortillas and start rolling it while rolling it take some cheese and stuff it in the end of the roll.

•    It’s time to fry these beauties and for frying, we first need to divide these into batches, by batches I mean how many taquitos you can or how many taquitos you want to fry at once.

•    After dividing carefully start placing these in the oil and now it depends on you how much you wish to fry them I like my taquitos crispy but do not like them extra crispy and do not increase the level of heat while frying as slow frying gives any type of food a very nice texture and even ensures evenly cooking.

•    Spread some paper towel or paper napkins on a tray and place all the fried taquitos on it so that the paper napkins or towels can absorb all the extra oil out of them

•    Serve when hot with any of your favorite dips.

That’s all with the recipe I hope you love the taste just the way I do…

Roast Chicken With Warm Bread Salad

This chicken was a labor of love. My police officer worked a crazy long day, so I got it into my wifey-head that he might like to come home to a hot dinner and I spent the entire day prepping for it. Naturally, this is me we’re talking about here, so, of course, it did not end well.

I rarely shy away from laborious recipes, but after the second hour of cooking I find myself muttering things like, “This better be worth it,” and, “I have to let this sit for how long?” But as the footnote at the bottom of the recipe states  – if you want great chicken, suck it up.

My relationship with roasted chicken has been a tumultuous one – it’s never consistent, some nights I end up with a beautifully roasted bird with golden skin and juicy meat, and I could make the same recipe two nights later only to have it turn up dry as sawdust and tasting like wood chips. I can’t explain it, but know this – chicken will not have the last word.

So I salted the bird the night before, tucked a few nubs of garlic and sprigs of thyme under the skin, swaddled the whole thing in plastic wrap and waited for the magic to happen. Salting it ahead of time gives the meat more time to season and guarantees a glossy skin, crisp as parchment paper, the sort that shatters under your fingertips with a few taps against the thigh. Now really, that’s the easy part. It’s the 20-step, 15-ingredient (numbers not actual) bread salad that will make you wonder if maybe you shouldn’t just toss a bag of steamable broccoli into the microwave.

But I whisked and cooked and dressed and broiled until it all came together, packed it up into the car along with our naughty mutt and managed to keep that naughty mutt under control until the seventy-mile gap between that police officer and I closed and we were together again. So, being the chivalrous man that he is, he takes the bag of dinner out my hand, announces it’s too heavy for me to carry, and then, of course, the bottom of the bag rips out, bread salad topples all over the floor, the chicken slid across the hardwood like a hockey puck and I stood there, wide-eyed, before excusing myself to cry in the basement.

I think you and I, dear readers, have known each other long enough for me to confess this to you – we ate it anyway. After my police officer explained to me that he had seen many, many terrifying things that day, having dinner fall on the floor didn’t scare him in the least, and he would happily eat it. So, if you find a man who will eat the dinner that fell on the floor and does the dishes, marries him.

Oh, and this dish is insanely good. It’s a melody of flavors – vinegary, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, peppery – there’s not a bite that doesn’t hit every single one of your taste buds. I have seen some version of this that had pine-nuts thrown into the bread salad, so if you’d like to add “crunchy” to that list, by all mean, toss in 2 tablespoons of toasted pine-nuts. Also, don’t try and get away with a larger bird – you need a lower ratio of skin-to-meat to get the most flavor, juiciness, and crispy skin.

Roast Chicken with Warm Bread Salad
Adapted from The Essential NY Times Cookbook

For the Chicken

One 2 1/2 – 3-pound chicken
2 teaspoons kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
4 sprigs fresh thyme
4 cloves garlic, lightly crushed

For the Salad

1 teaspoon red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon warm water
1 tablespoon dried currants or cranberries
6 cups stale Tuscan-style bread, cut into 1-inch cubes
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1/4 cup Champagne vinegar
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
3 cloves garlic, slivered
4 scallions, thinly sliced
3 cups mixed bitter greens (arugula, chicory and/or frisee)


To prepare the chicken, the day before serving, sprinkle the chicken with salt and pepper. Run your fingers between the skin and flesh over the breasts and legs to make 4 small pockets. Place a sprig of thyme and a clove of garlic in each pocket. Wrap the chicken in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

About 2 hours before serving, start the salad. Heat the broiler. Combine the red wine vinegar and warm water in a small bowl with the dried currants/cranberries and let soak for 1 hour.

Meanwhile, toss the bread cubes with the 2 tablespoons of olive oil on a baking sheet and broil for 2 minutes. Set aside.

Heat the oven to 425 degrees F. Place the chicken breast side up in a shallow roasting pan. Roast for 30 minutes.

Turn the chicken over and roast until the juices run clear when the chicken is pricked in the thickest part of the thigh, about 15-20 minutes longer. Let stand for 10 minutes, leaving the oven on.

Whisk together the mustard, champagne vinegar, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Slowly whisk in 2 teaspoon olive oil. Add the bread and toss to coat. Set aside.

Heat the remaining 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil in a small nonstick saucepan over medium heat. Add the garlic and scallions and cook for 2 minutes. Drain the currants and toss them in the bread mixture, along with the scallions and garlic. Place the salad in a baking dish. (It fit perfectly in an 8×8 for me.)

When the chicken is done, place the salad in the oven and bake for 5 minutes. Turn off the oven and leave the salad in for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, carve the chicken and reserve the pan juices.

Toss the salad with 2 tablespoons of the pan juices and the greens. Divide the salad among 4 plates and top with 2 pieces of chicken.…

Salted Caramel Swirl Brownies

Kitchen disasters and I have come a long way, baby. Sure, there was the chocolate loaf disaster that provided plenty of ammunition for future postings; then there was the s’more pie that boiled not only the chocolate filling but also my temperature (still waiting on the test results to see if graduate school stress levels had anything to do with that); and I was too embarrassed to tell you about the fifteen batches of chocolate chip cookies that I destroyed before finding a recipe that will forever be mine.

I’m seeing a pattern of problems with chocolate. Say it ain’t so.

I’m pleased to say that, while I have not yet made a full recovery from Kitchen Failure Syndrome, I have certainly rounded the corner from crazy to sane. Normally, when something goes awry, I get so frustrated that my blue eyes turn to red and I chuck whatever deflated, burned, gummy, or tasteless item it happens to be directly into the garbage – many times without removing it from the pan. Seriously, it’s just better than I don’t deal with the dishes right away, there could be many casualties.

I’ve been searching for a recipe for salted caramel cupcakes for quite some time and the results have been lackluster – the recipes either varied greatly while still promising the same taste, or there was some sort of red flag ingredient that left me no choice but to retire the thought to the back of my mind and toss away any hope I had for such a recipe. As it always does, the craving reared its ugly head and I decided to try one of the recipes and hey, maybe it would work! Uh huh.

I gave this recipe a trial run only to find the batter was delicious and golden colored but the baked cakes were so delicate I couldn’t remove them from the pan and each one had a sink hole smack in the center of it. I tried to excuse it by saying the baking powder was bad, but it was brand new – no chance. Thankfully, my mother is the sort of wants to pick the edge off of everything I bake which normally makes me want to scream, but for once it made sense so that some part of the cupcakes could be salvaged.

The saddest part was the caramel frosting – a promising buttercream swirled with homemade salted caramel sauce that never came to be. If we hadn’t lost the vessel to carry those swirls and clouds of fluffy frosting, it might’ve come to see the light of day. Solo and behold, I was left with two cupcake tins coated with sticky bits and crumbs, announcing my shame to the kitchen, and a bowl of burnished caramel. What to do?

Swirl it into some brownies, of course. Silly me.

I used my favorite brownie recipe for these but you should know – they are very, very rich. I packaged them individually and brought them into work where I watched one woman wrap up four of them into a napkin and casually walk out. Four. I think I may have to start regulating the break room…

Salted Caramel Swirl Brownies
Adapted from Baked1 recipe of Baked brownies
(pour batter into a pan, but do not bake – you’ll need to add the caramel sauce first)

Caramel Sauce

1 1/2 cups white sugar
1 1/4 cups heavy cream
pinch of kosher salt or fleur de sel

In a heavy-bottomed, high-sided saucepan, cook the sugar over medium-high heat until it begins to melt around the edges, about 5 minutes. Stirring with a clean wooden spoon, continue to cook until the sugar is melted and has turned golden amber, about 3 minutes longer.

Carefully pour the cream down the side of the pan in a slow, steady stream (it will bubble and spatter), stirring constantly until completely smooth. It might seize up and clump, but keep stirring – I promise it will thin out. Remove from the heat, stir in the salt, then pour the caramel directly into a heatproof bowl and set aside. Once at room temperature, you can refrigerate it for up to a week.

Drizzle about half the caramel sauce over the batter and then swirl with the tip of a knife, scooping up a little brownie batter and turning it over in the spots where the caramel gets a little thick. Sprinkle with sea salt, if desired.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out with a few moist crumbs stuck to it. Cool to room temperature then cut into squares.

Black Cocoa Brownie Wedges

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. After much hassle, oh-crap moments, and a lot of butterflies, I purchased my first official domain name. Hittin’ the big time, baybay! Okay, not really. But it’s still exciting. Fleur d’Elise had a good run, but I was bummed that no one knew how to pronounce it, I had to spell it without the “d” in the URL because some person in Europe already had and posted one time three years ago so now I can’t have it, and it just didn’t feel kitchen-y enough.

So…new look, same great taste!  (Still working on that banner!)

I haven’t been baking nearly as much as I’d like on account of other, really cute, really furry, really slobbery things in my life.

This is Kona, Dutch Shepherd extraordinaire and the new love of my life. He barely trails behind a certain chiseled police officer and these black cocoa brownies. That, I think, is saying quite a bit. Sure, his ears look like satellite dishes, and, when you glance in the rearview mirror of the car, your first instinct is to panic at the gremlin staring back at you, but he’s a good kid, and we’re completely stoked to start our next adventure with him.

Now about this black cocoa – if you’ve never heard of it in your life, don’t be ashamed, dear friend. Just two weeks ago I was completely ignorant of this magical substance, confusing it with dark cocoa powder and shucking it off as another unneeded baking supply. Do not let this be you, I beg you. This cocoa powder is other-worldly, a taste never before experienced, it’s coal-dark color only outdone by its euphoric chocolate flavor – I can’t even explain.

Here’s the catch: moderation. I’ve never been good at that sort of thing, I’m the type of person who eats fifteen mini-Snickers bars because in my mind that’s better than eating one whole bar. Rational, that’s me. This cocoa is super Dutch-processed, and its flavor is intense, baby. The second date kisses intense. Double overtime, next point wins intense. So you have to use it in small doses with regular Dutch-process cocoa and have mercy – what a difference a dose makes.

I’m not convinced that brownies must be made with blocks of melted chocolate that must be chopped into dust and then you’re sweating bullets because your knife is dull, not when cocoa brownies pack the same chocolaty punch with a whole lot less work. For these brownies, I measured out the regular dark cocoa, scooped a bit out, then filled it back up with black cocoa. When I first opened the bag, I didn’t think it looked all that dark, but next to regular dark cocoa in the bowl, it was impressively dark. Bewitching, even.

But it’s not just the chocolate that had my knees buckling beneath my twig legs, oh no. The butter. The browned butter. I have a tendency to take the butter just over the edge (and by “just over” I mean “violently shoved”) and it ends up charring the milk solids to the bottom of the pan, but I practiced some restraint this time. You melt the butter until it bubbles up, settles down, and no longer. With three sticks of the creamy, melty goodness packed into one nine-inch pan, you can’t miss it. It’s toasty, nutty, absolutely incredible against the dark chocolate with a slightly salty edge after you lick your lips

I think I owe Justin an apology for always knocking dark chocolate in favor of milk, I’ve usually found it to be unforgivably bitter and chalky against my teeth, but this? This changes things.

Maybe I’ll skip the apology in favor of the puppy. Who could resist?

I used King Arthur Flour’s Black Cocoa, they are the nicest people to work with and heck, they answer the phone on the first ring! I haven’t seen black cocoa in the regular grocery store, but I promise this will be the best ten bucks you ever spent. An added two-three tablespoons of black cocoa to your regular Dutch-process cocoa will change. your. life.

Also, I’ve read some here and there’s regarding the reduced fat content in black cocoa and how it can dry out your product, I had perfectly moist, fudgy brownies, but it could be a different story for cake. Then again, I don’t see how two tablespoons of cocoa could have that much of an adverse effect, but I’m a risk taker.

Black Cocoa Brownies
Adapted from Brownie Points, by Lisa Slater

  • 3 sticks unsalted butter
  • Scant 1/2 cup best quality cocoa powder
  • 3 tablespoons black cocoa powder
  • 1 1/2 cups white sugar
  • 4 eggs, room temperature
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon instant espresso powder
  • 1 tablespoon very strong coffee
  • 2/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, or fleur de sel

Steps :

  1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. Butter a 9 inch round cake pan, fit with a circle of parchment, and butter the parchment.
  2. In a medium saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat until it bubbles and browns. It will froth and then settle down, with the milk solids settling to the bottom. Be sure not to burn the butter a la Brittany.
  3. Remove from the heat, cool slightly (about 5 minutes) and add the cocoa powders. Whisk until smooth.
  4. Add the sugar, whisk until smooth, then cool for about 10 minutes.
  5. Add the eggs, whisking until smooth and shiny until just combined. (Avoid overmixing as this will lead to cakey brownies, and hey – if you want cake, make a cake!)
  6. Stir in the vanilla and coffee or espresso powder, then stir in the flour and salt, mixing until just combined and no further. Resist the urge to keep mixing! Flecks of flour showing are okay.
  7. Pour into the prepared pan and bake for 35-40 minutes or until a toothpick comes out with a few moist crumbs stuck to it (check it after 30 minutes, then go from there).
  8. Allow to cool completely, then refrigerate. Remove from the pan and onto a cutting board, slice into wedges. Brownies will keep in the fridge for a few weeks, but they’ll never last that long.

Catch 22: Their fudgy texture is best straight from the fridge, but the full depth of toasty butter, smoky chocolate, and that salty edge can only be found at room temperature. Choose wisely, grasshopper.